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Electric vehicles such as electric bikes or electric scooters are a fun way for adults and kids alike to cruise around the neighborhood or to explore nature on the weekend.

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iconOld fart looks at me like I'm in her way. SHE just bumped the back of my ankles with her electric scooter! Lets take this outside grandma!iconThe fact that my mama ridding this electric scooter early this morning... Lol, I can't deal with her!
iconFun Things to Do with the Electric ScootericonJust seen a student on a bright green electric scooter, you sir are a batty.
iconHaha!! Got free ride from mdm choo's electric bike now at home leiconBecause apparently zooming around on the electric scooter is a "lack of respect".
iconThe Importance of Having a Good Quality Electric ScootericonRidin the electric scooter at work cuz im a baller
iconTaylor has been waiting for Cara to get her license she better get a damn electric scootericonBest Electric Scooter for Kids - Cheap Electric Scooters for Kids
icon45 year old on an electric scooter. Yep. Me. Watch it.iconTips for Using the Electric Scooter
iconI hope somebody buys my electric scooter. I think it's awesome.iconI was a good samaritan today! Old lady in her electric scooter got caught in the rain and her battery went dead to boot.
iconI want an electric scooter.iconWhy is my manager polling around on an electric scooter?
iconYou may stop riding your electric scooter around the Cul de sac nowiconWal-mart has cornered the market in "ass twice as wide as shoulders riding an electric scooter" consumer base.
iconJust got an e-cigarette, gonna quit smoking :-)iconI love my e-cigarette
iconJust ordered e cigarette starter kit. Time to actually try to quit.iconI love my e-cigarette :)

Electronic Innovations and Brands Fueling Them

Recent electronic consumer product innovations are in the area of electric scooters, electric bikes, and electronic cigarettes. The Brands fueling these innovations are small to medium-sized business like Razor, EZip, Blu cig, and Safe Cig. What these products have in common is that they are battery operated and target a very large consumer market. While the scooters and bikes target the outdoor audience as an alternative transportation vehicle, electronic cigarettes are offered to smokers as an alternative to tobacco.

The most popular brands of electric scooters are Razor, IZip, and EZip. Currie Technologies, Inc owns and operates EZIP and IZIP and the two brands share many of the same components and design features. The EZIP scooters are basic and developed as low cost models for mass distribution at large retailers and department stores.
Razor has award-winning products which are influenced by its Southern California home. Razor products are rooted in popular action sports.

The best electronic cigarette brands are those that strictly control and enforce the quality of their cigarette product and production facilities. There are also many so-called OCM electronic cigarette brands which buy cheap wholesale from China and simply put their brand logo on the product. Some of the better and more popular brands are Blu cig and Safe Cig.

One of the challenges both electric razor manufacturers and electronic cigarette companies face is the quality of the batteries because a better battery life will lead to a better customer experience.

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